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Same Planet - Different World (volume 1)

Same Planet4 Star Rating
Same Planet
"Same Planet" - Is Considered A Must Own Child's Book

For those who are looking to buy a children's book I have come up with some good info. Purchase a copy of Same Planet written by Ben Clabaugh. The author is Ben Clabaugh and it is published by Bentin Books. The child's book became available around February of 2013. The book has 220 pages. Obtain a copy of this book, check out our partners via the add to shopping cart button.

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Special Price: $7.91
Brand:Bentin Books
Author:Ben Clabaugh

Winner of the 2009 Mom's Choice Award together with a 2011 Transformational Author Contest award winner,"Same Planet. When a new family moves in subsequent door with a boy David's age, his mom forces him to hang out with the kid, Shelton — a wide-eyed weirdo who can't catch a ball, stares at anthills for hours, and greets dogs by sniffing their butts. Shelton is as strange as he seems and, it turns out, that's not all bad. The answers force David to create one of the most difficult selection of his life. Just how specific is Shelton, anyway? But things turn creepy when David notices many men-in-black skulking about the neighborhood, their telephoto lenses aimed Shelton's residence from inside dark, unmarked SUVs. An unlikely friendship develops, and David begins to find out that whatever happens, it's up to him to decide what it means. Different World"Book I is a fast paced story for kids and adults about friendship, loss, how swiftly life can change, and how the quality of our lives is determined by how we choose to feel about those changes. What do these males want with him and what will they do to acquire it? It's the beginning of summer, and David Fuller is bored and alone due to the reality his parents uprooted him from his life and all his friends by moving them all to some lame Midwest suburb. The word “ certain ” comes to mind.

  • Pages: 220
  • Package: Height: 0.5" Length: 7.81" Width: 5.06"
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