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Oz The Schnoz And The Elephant Rebellion

Oz The Schnoz And The Elephant Rebellion5 Star Rating
Oz The Schnoz And The Elephant Rebellion
"Oz The Schnoz And The Elephant Rebellion" Is An Excellent Child's Book Author Nick Pirog

Are you looking to pick a book? You may want to read Oz The Schnoz And The Elephant Rebellion by Nick Pirog. Written by Nick Pirog and it was published sometime in September of 2012 by Alex Tooms Inc. The book is 376 pages long. To find the best bargain for this child's book along with other items, check out our affilate add to shopping cart button below.

Oz The Schnoz And The Elephant Rebellion. schnoz elephant rebellion like harry potter

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Brand: Alex Tooms Inc.
Author: Nick Pirog

If you like Harry Potter. If you thought Katniss Everdeen was cool. Ten of them will be selected for probably the most dangerous mission ever attempted by the Rebellion. Then you are gonna love Oz Wimbly! Pirog Has Surpassed Himself, October 11, 2012 Nick Pirog has risen to a new personal best with Oz. A tender, page-turning, exciting novel of hope and a truly beautifully written tale as only Mr. Pirog can write. ' Oz is whisked off to Fort Loxo, situated in a galaxy far from ours, and learns he is an elephant that has been hidden on Earth. And possibly win back their planet. And it might all just be up to Oz. Oz, along with a fledgling cast of other kid elephants, tries to survive ten weeks of Basic Training. To start off, it's a delightful story, one that any age can relate to in whatever life stage you find yourself. Oz Wimbly is fat, slow, capabilities a huge nose and is an easy target for the bullies of his school. If you couldn't get enough Ender Wiggins. One day Oz gets a letter, he has been drafted into the 'Elephant Rebellion. To retrieve the Firestones. All Oz wants in life is typically to turn 18, join the Air Force, and become a fighter pilot. Add to that, it's in one more dimension and it gets much far more enjoyable as Pirog's inventiveness and talent are always consistently awe-inspiring. But Oz soon finds out the grueling hours of PT, the obstacle courses, the krams, the Top Trunk tournament, and the thousands of push-ups are preparing them for battle.

  • Format: Kindle eBook
  • Pages: 376

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