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The Legend Of Muchacho Spanky

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Legend Of Muchacho Spanky

The Legend Of Muchacho Spanky is a must own child's book. The author is Kristopher Hemstreet and it was published in January of 2012 by Kristopher Hemstreet. The book has 51 pages. To get the best deal on a copy for this children's book besides other books, click on the shopping cart link below.

Kristopher Hemstreet

Author: Kristopher Hemstreet

In the shadow of an ancient Mayan pyramid, 3rd-grader Mia Gonzalez discovers the lost legend of Muchacho Spanky -- the swashbuckling punisher of bullies! Or may be the legend just a hoax … Can she unlock the secret of Muchacho Spanky in time to foil the bullies and save the field trip? Good thing too, because a group of trouble-makers from a rival camp is harassing Mia and her buddies.


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