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Effie The Magician - A Children's Book Of Humor, Magic And Adventure

Effie The Magician5 Star Rating
Effie The Magician
"Effie The Magician" Is An Unbelievable Kids Book

Effie The Magician - A Children's Book Of Humor, Magic And Adventure is a must own children's book. The author is S Alini and it was published sometime in June of 2011 by Edgerton Media, Full Stomach Publications. The book has 43 pages. Even though reading can be something of which everyone can engage in, there are indeed various ways where you will make the thrill far better. Some declare they do not have enough time to read, however reading can also be a wonderful use of time, especially with the right children's book. Purchase a copy of this child's book, visit our store link on this page.

Effie The Magician. effie magician children's book humor magic

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Brand: Edgerton Media, Full Stomach Publications
Author: S Alini

Seven year old Effie is having a actually unlucky weekend. Except I have to tell somebody! My secret is that I saved the world. I had jumped off and followed behind Tony and Mike. *Chapter 1My name is Effie Pringle. As we walked I listened to what they had been saying. *Author - S Alini A mere simpleton fumbling through life's many mysteries. alinibooks. I truly try my best to not be nosy. And when it looks as though things couldn't get worse, Effie finds her Grandmother's Secret Book of Magic and a Wand. Her family is visiting her Grandmother's farm, and Effie just can't keep from getting into trouble. Please go to: Alinibookswww. But sometimes I just can't assist it. He writes stories that make him laugh or make him angry. *Have questions or comments? Do you know the things that nine year olds talk about? Because this is a really big secret. He lives not too far from you, and tries to create the best of things. Because I find out all sorts of stuff from listening to people talking. That's when things really get nutty. blogspot. I'm eight years old and I have a secret. It's really interesting stuff. Wait, let me start with Friday. Yes, even you. Okay, it all began on my unlucky weekend. Okay. Or want a lot more Alini books? How? Can you keep from telling? Nobody can know. Tony is my big brother and Mike is his friend. The weekend when everything went incorrect.! com I'll start instantly after school, when the yellow bus stopped on our street.

  • Format: Kindle eBook
  • Pages: 43

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