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Diary Of A Nerd King # 2 1/2: The Greatest March Break Ever !

Diary Of A Nerd King # 2 1/2: The Greatest5 Star Rating
Diary Of A Nerd King 2 12 The Greatest
"Diary Of A Nerd King # 2 1/2: The Greatest March Break Ever! " Is An Excellent Child's Book Author Matt Ballard

Are you looking to pick a book? You may want to read Diary Of A Nerd King # 2 1/2: The Greatest by Matt Ballard. The book is 92 pages long. To find the best bargain for this child's book along with other items, check out our affilate add to shopping cart button below.

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Author: Matt Ballard

Max went away on March Break and had the GREATEST March Break EVER, so we figured we'd greater do a SPECIAL EDITION, full length, Diary of a Nerd King book so you could read all about it! No sooner had they hit the beach, than some guy comes operating by them, screaming, with some type of monster stuck on his arm! Many individuals can't. She thinks she's so smart. You'll just get upset when you don't make a million dollars and find out you're not as awesome as us. It has like five various swimming pools and ten different restaurants! This is my diary, except it's not a diary. you haven't met Max however? !! Don't feel poor in the occasion you can't draw too as I can. And it only gets CRAZIER from there! My name is Max Ridgemont. It all starts when Max's best friend Boogie finds out he's going to Hawaii with his loved ones for March break, and his parents tell him he can invite Max to come along. When they arrive at the resort, Max can't believe they're at the right place. Oh yeah, my best friend Boogie and I are going to make millions with our new You Tube channel, and our plan is in right here too. My sister says I'm the Nerd King. There's also a lot of wicked awesome photographs I drew in right here too. What's that. It's TOTALLY WICKED AWESOME! Just like you'd expect from Max and Boogie, the adventure gets crazy correct from the begin when Max has a run-in with the military security dudes at the airport. just not a diary 'cause diaries are for girls and wimpy kids. She says I resemble that. I resent that. It's a journal, or perhaps a blog, or a log. Well then, here's Max on Max. Wait til I'm famous from inventing a burping machine. On the airplane, Max wonders if the pilot is barbecuing, right proper after which Boogie gets the phone numbers of two beautiful Hula girls who greet them at the airport. DON'T try and copy us.

  • Format: Kindle eBook
  • Pages: 92

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