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Diary Of A Nerd King

Diary Of A Nerd King5 Star Rating
Diary Of A Nerd King
Diary Of A Nerd King

Kids love this fabulous book. The children's book has 96 pages. Envision your self as being the leading character, contemplating and also desperate for the answers. When you read, envision this dilemma inside of your head. You may get as imaginative as you choose with the scenario mentally.

, Diary Of A Nerd King. diary nerd king name ridgemont sister

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Author: Matt Ballard

My name is Max Ridgemont. Oh yeah, my best friend Boogie and I are going to make millions with our new You Tube channel, and our program is in here too. I resent that. Wait til I'm famous from inventing a burping machine. My sister says I'm the Nerd King. It's a journal, or possibly a blog, or a log. She thinks she's so smart. You'll just get upset when you don't make a million dollars and find out you're not as awesome as us. There's also a great deal of wicked awesome photographs I drew in here too. Many people can't. She says I resemble that. DON'T try and copy us. just not a diary 'cause diaries are for girls and wimpy kids. This really is my diary, except it's not a diary. Don't feel bad in case you can't draw also as I can.

  • Format: Kindle eBook
  • Pages: 96

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