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Diary Of A Middle School Nobody

Diary Of A Middle School Nobody5 Star Rating
Diary Of A Middle School Nobody
"Diary Of A Middle School Nobody" Is A Spectacular Book For The Children

In case you are interested in buying a children's book I've assembled very good info. Diary Of A Middle School Nobody by Dave Netley is a good book. The author is Dave Netley and it was published by Polak Publishing. It became available on the 20th of April, 2013. The children's book is 12 pages long.

Polak Publishing, Diary Of A Middle School Nobody. diary middle school nobody might wondering

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Brand:Polak Publishing
Author:Dave Netley

You may possibly be wondering why any normal grade 7 kid would be writing in a journal, so I'll tell you why. Right when I opened the can mom stopped me, and mentioned that it will be a good idea to write in this thing so I have memories when I'm older and it would hurt great aunt Hilda's feelings if I didn't use it. Anyway, my friend Mac and I are about to make this the best year ever, and we've at the moment got a strategy to make it happen. My real name's Daniel Kavitz, but you can call me Danny, unless you're in my household which has about a million different nicknames for me. So now I'm stuck writing in this thing for the complete year, and if my older brother Gus finds out about this thing, I'm at his mercy for the rest of his life. I'm going to become a millionaire a single day, but for now, thanks to some stupid thing called school, I'm stuck in a classroom finding out about ancient artifacts and a bunch of crazy formulas. Now I don't know who thinks that basically giving a kid a year round writing assignment is really a great Christmas gift, and proper when great aunt Hilda left I was about to throw this factor correct inside the trash. I have this crazy great aunt Hilda who is constantly doing weird stuff, and so, today she came a lot more than to our property and dropped off this journal to me as an “ early Christmas present”, a week before school starts.

  • Format: Kindle eBook
  • Pages: 12

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