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Diary Of A Horse Mad Girl - My Dream Pony - Book 3

Diary Of A Horse Mad Girl5 Star Rating
Diary Of A Horse Mad Girl
"Diary Of A Horse Mad Girl - My Dream Pony - Book 3", Author Katrina Kahler

Do you wish to acquire a children's book? Looking into purchasing a copy of Diary Of A Horse Mad Girl - My Dream Pony - Book 3 written by Katrina Kahler. Written by Katrina Kahler and it is published by How To Help Children. The book was available in January of 2013. The book has 74 pages. While reading is something of which anyone, of nearly every age can enjoy, there are most definitely many ways which you might make the enjoyment more advantageous. Review the following tips and you may like reading a whole lot more, add to cart by clicking on the hyperlink below.

Critical reviews for Diary Of A Horse Mad Girl. diary horse dream pony book isn't

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Brand: How To Help Children
Author: Katrina Kahler

My Dream Pony. But does she actually find her dream pony? Abbie never knows what every single day will bring. Book 4:"Pony Pals towards the Rescue"will probably be available soon. Through the up and downs but always with a deep love for these beautiful and noble animals, Abbie continues her horse mad adventures. There is excitement, heartache, disappointment and adventure. Or so, she thinks! isn't this what each and every girl wants? Follow Abbie's continued horse mad adventures with her first horse, Sparkle and the arrival of her new dream pony. It follows the true stories of Abbie and her beautiful horses. This book is for horse lovers of all ages. However, regardless of what she is forced to encounter, her love for horses is often the same. I hope you love it!

  • Format: Kindle eBook
  • Pages: 74

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